Check Out New Ultrasound Site, SonoMojo!

I noticed something about our site statistics here on Wildcat USIG… there were too many hits from too many countries (37 so far) to all be from our University of Kentucky medical students’ traffic. We began hearing from people that were using our site who weren’t U of Kentucky medical students. You were physicians from all across the globe. We are incredibly happy (and flattered) that you found the site Wildcat USIG useful!

This led me to realize there was a need for a resource that provided an introduction to the available bedside ultrasound education available to learners and collected all the best of FOAMed ultrasound education in one place. So I am happy to announce the founding of a new site, SonoMojo! It’s geared towards all ultrasound learners, providing a starting place for new ultrasound learners and resources for more experienced learners to further develop their skills. It is designed to be an orientation to ultrasound education to get new learners plugged into the best ultrasound education resources out there (most of which are completely free). There is also a comprehensive FOAMed-based ultrasound curriculum for ultrasound learners of all levels! It can be found at So if you’ve been using Wildcat USIG for your ultrasound education needs be sure to check out SonoMojo! Happy ultrasounding everyone!


Jennifer Cotton (USIG Founder and President)


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