iPads Loan Program and Lab Hours!

Borrow an iPad from USIG!

This post is just a reminder that you have even more resources at your disposal… iPad borrowing and open lab hours! USIG iPad loan program has three iPads that can be checked out, with Dr. Dawson’s Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound downloaded (as well as a few other useful titles and apps). Please follow these simple steps to borrow an iPad from USIG: 1) Go to the Emergency Department (ED), and find the physician’s station in the adult section of the ED (if in doubt, ask a member of staff). 2) Inside the station are lockers. The USIG locker is on the bottom row, middle column, and has a large sign on it saying “USIG!” 3) Open the locker and take out one of the solid black iPads. On the back of the iPad you will find the iPad number on the USIG label. 4) On the google document (found HERE), please find the columns corresponding to the correct iPad number. Fill out your name for the days you want to borrow the iPad. Please also include your email address. 5) iPads can be borrowed for a maximum of 7 days. Return the iPad to the same locker. If you have any questions about finding the ED, or with the google doc please email one of your USIG officers. FYI:Of course if there happens to be an iPad in the locker, and you just want to use it whilst shadowing in the ED, please feel free to.

USIG student Ultrasound Lab sessions are here!

 Lab Hours Also, be sure and take advantage of the open hours in the sim lab each Thursday from 2-4pm. Directions to the Lab are found on the google doc sign up (found HERE). It’s a great opportunity to learn more about ultrasound and practice what you have been learning at the workshops. If you have any questions about the lab or any problems accessing it please email one of your USIG officers. All the best, USIG team


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