New USIG Feature Alert! Member of the Month!

Hey USIGers! We’re super pumped to introduce you to one of the newest (and totally freakin’ awesome) USIG features, the Member of the Month. What exactly is a “Member of the Month” you ask? It’s a USIG member who is, to put it simply, OUTSTANDING! They’ve used ultrasound to improve patient care, enhance their own & other’s medical education, be innovative, and demonstrate why they are future leaders in medicine. We have some amazing USIG members, who’ve been doing incredible things with ultrasound. We’re so proud of them that we’ve created a new way to recognize all their hard work and give them their due props! Below are just a few of the recent accomplishments of some outstanding USIG students:

Presenting their own research at international conferences

  • Carolyn Martinez (ultrasound guided peripheral IV model preferences poster)
  • Alex Patterson (cardiac ultrasound education poster, national ultrasound interest group concept poster, & distance cardiac ultrasound education oral presentation)
  • Jennifer Cotton (student-driven longitudinal ultrasound education poster)
  • Kendra Campbell (medical student-driven ultrasound education concept poster)
  • Brett Dickens (ultrasound interest group concept poster)
  • Monika Spacil and Sahiba Chandel (undergraduate ultrasound education poster)

Competing in (and winning) a HUGE national ultrasound competition

  • SonoKittens – Brett Dickens, Carolyn Martinez, & Jennifer Cotton (Ultrasound World Cup Champions!)
  • Where the Wilds Sounds Are – Sahiba Chandel, Monika Spacil, & Kendra Campbell
  • Kentucky Dopplegangers – Mannie Webb, Alex Patterson, & Carolyn Martinez

Publishing in an international emergency medicine journal (for ultrasound, of course)

Russell P, Mallin M, Cotton J, Aboul-Hosn N, and Dawson M. “First “Glass” Education: Telementored Cardiac Ultrasonography Using Google Glass. A Pilot Study”. Academic Emergency Medicine. Volume 21, Issue 11, pages 1297–1299, November 2014. Read more HERE!

This is in addition to a number of invited international lectureships and conference teaching faculty positions (that we’ll be giving more details on soon, we promise)…

You can see why we’re so excited we’re SO excited to begin highlighting our brilliant and accomplished USIG students! We, seriously, could not be any prouder!! To kick of this new program, we’d like to congratulate our very first ever member of the month, Jared Brown! His Member of the Month post will be up shortly, so keep an eye out!



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