What is Bedside Ultrasound?

Bedside or point of care ultrasound is the practice of performing bedside ultrasound imaging to enhance the physical exam and visually guide medical procedures.

Why Should I Care?

Bottom line, point of care ultrasound improves patient care and your medical education. It’s inexpensive, fast, portable, improves patient care and safety, and provides real time information during physical exams and procedures. Because of this, ultrasound is being used in medical schools to enhance medical student education. Ultrasound education in medical school ranges from a four year integrated curriculum to none at all. UK falls somewhere in the middle with some ultrasound labs being taught in second year physical exam courses. Teaching ultrasound in physical exam courses improves medical student’s physical exam skills set. This not only provides student with ultrasound skills to apply to patient care, but also provides them with real time feedback on their physical exam. Ultrasound also improves anatomy and physiology education. In one study, students who received ultrasound education sessions in addition to their tradition anatomy curriculum scored 9% higher on their exams than their control (dissection without ultrasound) counterparts.

What Does USIG Do?

The USIG provides a place for students interested in bedside ultrasound to share that interest and pursue ultrasound education alongside other motivated students.


Workshops used to be monthly with a topic chosen as the ‘theme of the month’. Now they are split up by class and occur at least bimonthly! They consist of lectures and hands-on training.

Open Lab

Open lab hours are available and need to be arranged with officers. USIG mentors (senior medical students who have demonstrated advanced ultrasound skills) will supervise open lab hours to assist USIG students in practicing their ultrasound skills whenever their presence is possible.


In addition, meetings will be held every 1-2 months to discuss ultrasound related topics, such as fellowships, the basic physics behind ultrasound science, and ultrasound application within certain specialties. Our emphasis is hands-on teaching, so we’ll be focusing more on organizing monthly workshops than lunch meetings.

Self-Study Modules

The USIG study modules are a collection of resources to guide students in self-study of the various ultrasound scans that interest them. They are organized by the USIG students and approved of by ultrasound fellowship trained physicians, before being released to the student group.


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