Putting It All Together

So you’ve tried some basic ultrasound, maybe watched a few lectures, and want to learn more. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s some helpful info for taking your ultrasound skills to the next level. Enjoy!

Moving Beyond Basics

USIG Learning Modules:

USIG’s Learning Modules cover a wide range of ultrasound topics. We’ve collected all the best of ultrasound FOAMed (free online access to medical education) into one place. They”re broken down into modules by topic, so pick a topic and dive in! You can visit the page HERE.

Listen to Ultrasound Podcast:

If you’ve gone over everything from the  Ultrasound Podcast, you’ll be in good shape. It’s a great resource and there’s always new content being posted. Plus, it’s hilariously entertaining. You can find it HERE.

USIG Case of the Month:

Complete the USIG Case of the Month. There’s a new one every month. Each case comes with a quiz and suggested resources to help you complete the quiz. You can visit the page HERE.

Follow US Masters on Twitter:

Follow the masters of Ultrasound on Twitter. Get the daily ultrasound tips and stay up to date on the latest in ultrasound.  Check out who we suggest on our US Resources page HERE.

Visit These Ultrasound Websites:

We’ve collected the ultrasound websites we’ve found most useful in one place, on our US Resource page HERE.

Read Ultrasound iBooks:

We’re a little biased, but Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound (Volumes 1&2) is a great place to start! It’s a free part of the USIG’s new member ultrasound starter kit. If you’re not a USIG member it can be found on Inkling or iTunes, but is occasionally free through The Ultrasound Podcast.

Go to Castlefest:

Seriously, go to Castlfest! It’s taught by the best of the best in ultrasound! If you’re a UK student, you can come for free as an ultrasound model. If you’re a med student but you’re not at UK, there’s a limited number of visiting scholar model spots available. If you’re already a physician, register and attend Castlefest!! More info about Castlefest can be found HERE.


Tips for Learning Ultrasound at Ultrasound Naive Institutions

Learning Ultrasound as a Med Student at an Ultrasound-Naive Institution” by Jennifer Cotton

Ultrasound Competency


Know your SDOTs (Standardized Direct Observation Tool). They are a form used to evaluate ultrasound competence. If you can meet these criteria, then you’re on the right track.




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