Wildcat Ultrafest 2016-17

The University of Kentucky Ultrasound Student Interest Group had a fantastic turnout at the 2nd ever Wildcat Ultrafest! This year, the event was limited to just medical students due to limited ultrasound machine resources. Participants enjoyed a great breakfast of North Lime Donuts and proceeded on to the keynote talk and scanning! Lunch was complete with jeopardy and Chipotle, followed by just a little more scanning. Great work team on putting this together!  Looking forward to next year already 🙂
Wildcat Ultrafest is a free (yes, we just wanted to mention that again) symposium to give medical students, and other healthcare professional students hands-on training in point of care ultrasound. Our goal is to help students either learn for the first time, or advance their bedside ultrasound skills through training with live models and expert clinical instructors. We have a variety of instructors from different medical specialities represented on the day, including EM, Radiology, & Anesthesia.
Please let us know if you have any questions!

 Wildcat Ultrafest Team